Society and the economy are changing at a breath-taking pace. As a result, companies must constantly adapt to new challenges while also continuing to seize new possibilities. Change can be seen as a threat, but also as an opportunity.

Prof. Dr. Thomas A. Gutzwiller
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Manres AG, Academic Director of the HBM Entrepreneurial School of the University of St.Gallen, Executive School of Management Technology and Law

On the one hand, transformation affects the productive value chain of a company. Through continual strategic change, we attempt to optimize and radically renew the production chain. The goal is always to improve the quality and quantity of value creation within the context of society as a whole. 

On the other hand, corporate change affects the social system of the company and its people. After all, value creation takes place within a company culture that is constantly evolving. Just as the production chain can be measured in terms of its value added, productivity and innovativeness, the social system can also be evaluated. Key factors here include organizational energy, commitment, identification, trust, social reputation, observed psychopathologies and many other aspects.

Change in the business context also means transformation of the productive and social system towards better qualities and quantities, embedded in the social context. The strategic discipline of transforming production chains is mature and well established. However, there are still considerable gains to be made in assessing the psychological dimension of transforming a social system. More than 95% of all corporate consultants specialize in the dimension of the production chain. And yet many companies still wonder why so many of their strategic initiatives fail. The answer is simple. Successful change requires a diagnosis on the behavioral level of the company. From top to bottom.

That is why we at Manres AG are proud of our 30-year history of working professionally with what we call the “psychology of transformation.” For the past ten years, this work has included our CEO study, “Transforming People and Companies.” 

We want to thank everyone from the world of business and beyond, who has cooperated with us on our mission at Manres. We hope you will enjoy reading this study!